Unlocking the Power of the Assessment Process: Strategies for Enhancing Teaching and Learning With GOLD®

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Oct 30 2024
Oct 31 2024
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This engaging and impactful 6-hour advanced GOLD® professional development session will provide educators with the knowledge and skills to effectively use assessment and instructional planning to support children’s learning and development. Participants will learn about the four steps in the assessment process, the characteristics of high-quality documentation, and how to use MyTeachingStrategies® to develop responsive daily, weekly, and monthly instructional plans. Additionally, participants will learn how to use reports to summarize, plan, and communicate children’s progress to families and professionals.

Prerequisites: Introduction to GOLD®

Class dates

10/30/2024, 10/31/2024

Program enrollment capacity

Minimum: 1

Maximum: 30

Registration period

Registration starts on 06/13/2024 and ends on 10/23/2024.

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